The future

As we develop as a project, we aim to add more features to the ecosystem to further benefit our loyal holders. Some of the exciting features soon to be released are:



GryffinDAO will have multi-chain interoperability, enabling smooth asset transactions across many blockchain platforms. Increased compatibility will increase the number of implementation options available to our users and improve their entire blockchain experience. Scaling solutions are also easier to implement with multi-chain interoperability, making transactions faster and less expensive.

NFT icon

GryffinDAO NFT and Marketplace

The GryffinDAO gaming platform will hold a wide range of NFT collections, some of which will be an integral element of the gaming experience. The numerous rarity classes and use cases for the NFTs available would be indicated in the gaming platform. Aside from NFTs created by the platform, GryffinDAO allows members of the community to create their own unique NFT designs that may be used in the gaming ecosystem.


GryffinDAO Lottery

GryffinDAO Lottery is a contest with a massive price pool for our NFT holders. Prizes are distributed every four weeks. The size and number of the total prizes will vary according to the minting rates and aftermarket

credit card

GryffinDAO Pay

GryffinDAO Pay is a far-reaching goal of the GryffinDAO project. This idea is aimed at creating a payment system that will allow our users to make payments for real-life items using their crypto balance. This is in line with our ambitious goal of cryptocurrency, ensuring that it replaces traditional financial models (fiat) along with maintaining the decentralization of the ecosystem.