What We Offer


Rebase token

To ensure our token stability, we decided on adopting a deflationary rebase token model. Rebase token is a cryptocurrency whose supply is modified algorithmically in order to control its price. Similar to stable coins, $GDAO tokens will be pegged to other assets. This mechanism automatically burns tokens or mints new ones a different approach from stable coins which are backed by reserves.



Another fascinating component of the GryffinDAO ecosystem is the bond pricing opportunity. Selling bonds provide an avenue to increase the treasury of GryffinDAO platform, but it is also an attractive opportunity for users to make gains on the market. Bond prices usually fall below the market prices in order to incentivize bond sales.


Yield Farming

Yield farming maximizes the returns of users through the use of decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi platform creates an avenue for users to lend or borrow cryptocurrency and also obtain cryptocurrency in exchange for carrying out a service.


Liquidity Pool

A liquidity pool is a depository where users can place their assets in order to form a market (currency pair) and make it liquid for other traders. Besides the previously mentioned prospects, liquidity providers on the GryffinDAO network are rewarded with $GDAO tokens, creating an additional revenue route. The GryffinDAO ecosystem will incorporate a liquidity pool, which is required for the smooth operation of any DEX platform.



Staking is an important component for deriving value for our users. It allows users to lock their $GDAO tokens for a period of time into the ecosystem and receive compound returns in $GDAO tokens when the period elapses. Staking doesn’t only benefit users, it also ensures that the network function seamlessly. Similar to the Binance smart chain, we adopted a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, an alternative to Proof of Work. Proof of Stake removes the requirement for computing power to validate transactions, instead, validators must stake coins.


Liquidity Bootstrapping

An LBP’s driving force is the ability to launch tokens with minimal capital needs. It is a smart contract that controls a pool of tokens to be used in a crypto exchange. To do this, a two-token pool containing a project and a collateral token is put up. The weights are then tweaked to favour the project token. There would be a gradual movement in favour of the collateral coin by the end of the token sale.

Group of Users

GryffinDAO Governance

GryffinDAO will be governed by the community. Community members will be actively involved on the platform and have the opportunity to vote on proposals that will determine the future directions of the GryffinDAO project. We seek to create an inclusive and diverse environment for our users that will implement the ideas put forward by the community.



In order to counter scams, we set out to implement an all-around security structure to provide a trustworthy experience for our users. Security measures are integrated at the core of the platform to mitigate all risks of a security breach both internal and external. Security measures are differentiated into five different categories, namely;

  • Web security
  • Audits
  • Multi-signature authentication
  • Locked LPV
  • KYC