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Welcome to GryffinDAO an all-in-one community project bringing web 3.0 solutions together where courage, bravery and nerve are rewarded with capital growth.

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What We Offer


Rebase token

To ensure our token stability, we decided on adopting a deflationary rebase token model. Rebase token is a cryptocurrency whose supply is modified algorithmically in order to control its price. Similar to stable coins, $GDAO tokens will be pegged to other assets. This mechanism automatically burns tokens or mints new ones a different approach from stable coins which are backed by reserves.



Another fascinating component of the GryffinDAO ecosystem is the bond pricing opportunity. Selling bonds provide an avenue to increase the treasury of GryffinDAO platform, but it is also an attractive opportunity for users to make gains on the market. Bond prices usually fall below the market prices in order to incentivize bond sales.



Staking is an important component for deriving value for our users. It allows users to lock their $GDAO tokens for a period of time into the ecosystem and receive compound returns in $GDAO tokens when the period elapses. Staking doesn’t only benefit users, it also ensures that the network function seamlessly. Similar to the Binance smart chain, we adopted a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, an alternative to Proof of Work. Proof of Stake removes the requirement for computing power to validate transactions, instead, validators must stake coins.

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Future Initiatives

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Community Support

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Exchange Fees

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Long Term Liquidity

Token Allocation

We will reserve a percentage of $GDAO tokens and allocate them towards the fulfilment of the following responsibilities

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The total supply of the $GDAO tokens is 500M as it is distributed as follows

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The Future

As we develop as a project, we aim to add more features to the ecosystem to further benefit our loyal holders. Some of the exciting features soon to be released are:

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GryffinDAO will have multi-chain interoperability, enabling smooth asset transactions across many blockchain platforms. Increased compatibility will increase the number of implementation options available to our users and improve their entire blockchain experience. Scaling solutions are also easier to implement with multi-chain interoperability, making transactions faster and less expensive.

GryffinDAO Roadmap

Phase 1:
  • GryffinDAO launch
  • Staking and Bonding live
  • KYC to gain the trust of the public
  • Audits
  • Liquidity bootstrapping
  • First partnerships
Phase 2:
  • GryffinDAO stablecoin
  • GryffinDAO DEX
  • GryffinDAO farm
  • Initial NFT release
  • Cross-chain expansion begins
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